There are several options available when writing messages in channels or in direct messages! Beyond just basic text messages, GCmessage provides additional functionality:

Sending text

1. Type your message in the dialogue box at the bottom of the screen. 

2. Press Enter or click the Send button (paper airplane) to send your message. 

Note: If you want to add breaks in your text, you can press the SHIFT + ENTER on your keyboard to go to the next line. 

Sending files

You can send files in channels and or direct message. 

1. Click the plus (+) icon in the dialogue box. 

2. Under the sub-heading Add files from, click Computer to open your file explorer. 

3. Find the desired file on your hard drive and click Open. 

3. You can rename the file and add a file description. Once you have filled out the desired fields, click Send

Congratulations! You have now sent your file. The user in the channel or direct message where you uploaded the file can now download or search for the file. 

Adding emojis

You can add emojis to any of your messages. 

1. Click the Emoji icon in the dialogue box. 

2. Once you've found the emoji you would like to add, click it to add it to your message. 

Emojis can be added anywhere in your text message. 

Note: You can also add emojis to your message by typing ":" in the dialogue box then typing the name of the emoji. A pop-up with autocomplete options will appear as you type. 

Once you send your message as usual, your emoji will appear! 

@ mentions

You can user @ mentions to let someone know you are talking about them or to them, to notify them of a specific message, or to draw their attention to a specific conversation. 

1. In the dialogue box, type "@" and select who you want to mention. You have the option to mention: 

  • all users in the channel; 
  • all active users in the channel; or 
  • an individual user.

To mention an individual user, type the user's name and a list of users will appear with name suggestions. You an mention multiple users in one text.  

For more details on how to interact with messages, see: What options are available for interacting with existing messages?